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Post from Obama HQ Blogger:
Winning in November: Obama Much Stronger Against McCain
By Christopher Hass - Feb 19th, 2008 at 1:02 pm EST
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A new round of polling shows Barack Obama increasing his lead in a potential general election match-up against John McCain, while at the same time McCain leads when matched up against Hillary Clinton. Nationally, Barack Obama now leads John McCain in nine out of ten of the most recent head-to-head polls, while Senator Clinton leads in only three.

The latest Diageo/Hotline poll shows Obama defeating McCain 48-40% and McCain defeating Clinton by the same margin, 48-40%. The most recent Reuters/Zogby poll shows Obama leading McCain by 7%, while Clinton trails by 12% – a swing of almost 20 points.

According to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll:

In the past two months, Senator Barack Obama has built a commanding coalition among Democratic voters ... and is now viewed by most Democrats as the candidate best able to defeat Senator John McCain.

Barack performs especially strong in states were he has actively campaigned already this year:

* In Iowa Obama leads McCain by 10 points and Clinton trails McCain by 11 points, an incredible 21 point swing. In Virginia Obama leads by 6 points, while Clinton trails McCain 45%-48%.
* In New York, Obama leads McCain by 21%, almost double Clinton’s lead of 11%.
* A SurveyUSA poll of Wisconsin from earlier in the week shows Obama again leading McCain by double-digits, while McCain beats Hillary Clinton 49% to 42%.
* Obama also outperforms Clinton in recent state polls of New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada, and Virginia.
* In Pennsylvania, a state were Barack has yet to actively campaign, he already holds a commanding double-digit lead over John McCain, while McCain edges out Hillary Clinton in a close race.
* Obama also leads in Oregon and the important state of Michigan.

Among younger voters, a Rock The Vote poll released today showed Barack leading McCain 57% to 37%. The accompanying press release also notes that:

The poll shows a strong and positive attitude toward this election cycle: an overwhelming majority (89%) believe they have the power to change our country and 75% believe young people are making more of a difference than usual this election season.

With a surge of support from young voters and new voters, and with a broad coalition of Democrats, Independents and even some Republicans, Barack Obama has emerged as the strongest general election candidate and the most likely to win in November.

You can visit for the latest head-to-head polls.


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